Remembrance Day Legion Contests

Each year we give students the opportunity to enter the Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day contests.

Categories:  #2 Intermediate: gr. 7-9,                       #3 Junior: gr. 4-6,                    #4 Primary: Gr. 1-3

Posters: (56 cm x 71 cm - maximum size), Black & White OR Colored

(*Hint: larger posters have a better chance of winning especially if they are clear from a distance)

 Symbols other than Canadian are unacceptable.

Essays:  Rule - use only 1 side of the page, no narratives.

Maximum Words: #2 Intermediate - 500 words, #3 Junior - 350 words

Poems - maximum 32 lines for all categories, use only 1 side of the page.

Some classes will be given class time to work on posters or essays/poems but not all classes,

so students can work on these 'at home' and still submit.

We have Parent Consent Forms available in the office if teacher has not given them one.

*Parent consent forms are to be glued to the back top left hand corner of all entries.

Deadline for Entries - Wed., Nov. 23 (will be picked up at BES School office)


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